One CM SQL View to Rule them All

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A few months ago, I learned of a View in the CM database that is basically every column that you can add in the devices node.  Too many times someone wants a report that just lists exactly what they see in the Devices node.  So, this view gives you that without having to do any of those wonderful SQL JOINs we always have so much fun with.

This week in the MMS Tips and Tricks, I decided to show this view, along with using SSMS to filter views.  So lets take a look at the view.

Configuration Manager SQL Upgrade

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With how easy it is to upgrade Configuration Manager now, it can be easy to forget about the most important component of your CM infrastructure, SQL.  I'm guessing that a number of us are still running SQL 2012.  Why?  Because when we built our CM 2012 environment, that's what was the latest for SQL at the time.  So, a number of CM environments are still running 2012.