About Me

I am the Senior Infrastructure Applications Engineer for a manufacturing company in the Minneapolis area.  I spend most of my time in Configuration Manager, and a little time in Operations Manager.  In between, I am writing PowerShell scripts to fill gaps or automate daily tasks that I no longer want to spend time manually doing.   PowerShell is an excellent complement to CM and OM, and any systems engineer, for that matter.  I also have found myself doing a ton or custom reporting out of the CM database.  So, my SQL skills have gotten pretty sharp too.

My “claim to fame”, if you can call it that, was the rewrite of David O’Brien CM documentation script.  I presented it (in 2-3 minutes) at the MMS tips and tricks session in spring 2018 and scored myself a Surface Book 2 in the process (just for showing something at tips and tricks. Although, I’d like to believe that it was one of the cooler items presented).  I also got a chance to present at MMS 2016, MMS 2019 and hope to again in the future.

When I’m not “playing with computers”, I spend time with my family and operate our antique tractors and steam traction engines at shows around the area.