Why I Decided to Start a Blog

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I have borrowed stuff from the community for years and haven't given much back.  I can blame it on being busy but, mostly blame it on being lazy.  So, I've been wanting to start to give back.  And, I thought for me a blog would be a great way.

My good friend and colleague (you know who you are) always tells me that I have a bunch of good stuff worth sharing.  Between that, and the constant suggestions from presenters at MMS each year for everyone to "share what you know", I thought it would be worth a try.  So, I'm going to attempt to make what I know available to anyone that wants to look at it.  If I end up helping just a few people along the way, it'll be worth it.

That said, (what I think are) some really good stuffs and things are on their way.  I hope you enjoy them...